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Once upon a time, I created several branding elements for Creative Entrepreneurs. I didn't have the time to move forward with the project. Fast forward a couple of years, I'm cleaning up my laptop, and find all these logos, moodboards, and other branding elements. So I thought: "Why not just share them for free on the blog!?" Much better than letting all these beauties sitting on a forgotten folder in one of my computers.
Free Social Media Template


If yours is a fun, vibrant, youthful type of brand, this mini branding suite might work really well for you.

The font I used was Madina Script, which is absolutely perfect and available on Creative Market. If you're looking for similar but free options, Welcome is a pretty similar font and is free.

Free Moodbard

In the folder you'll find the moodboard, where you can change the color blocks; the header above, where you can change the text, photo, and colors; and a pattern. You need Photoshop or a PSD file editor to edit this branding kit.

Enjoy! Other kits will come very soon.

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