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I intentionally moved to a new hosting platform, leaving all my 2014-2017 content behind. But in doing so, lots of links got broken and cool freebies got lost. So I'm rebuilding the library here, one post at a time -accessible to anyone, without need to sign up for anything.

I'm starting with the Ellie logo and branding suite, which is available in PSD and for Many creatives use Photoshop these days, but many don't. Canva is growing and is a great option for creatives with limited editing skills (and it is free!).

I strongly recommend that you sign up for blog posts updates (on the sidebar), so you don't miss the weekly freebies. Or, sign up for the monthly updates (footer of the page) to get all the goodies at once, every first Monday of the month.

Oh, I'm open to requests and would love to hear the type of freebies that would be useful for you and your brand.

Download the Logo and Brand Suite

Logo - PSD version | Canva version
Moodboard - PSD version | Canva version
Pattern - PNG file
Post Template - PSD version | Canva version
Brand Info - PDF with font + colors info

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not used Canva yet, it's truly easy. But remember to make a copy of the file and edit your copy -otherwise, you'll edit the original file (which is shared with everyone!).

The photo used as inspiration for this collection was taken by Lydia Harper, a talented travel photographer from England. Download her photos for free at her Unsplash page.

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