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Stacey is this super awesome, super funny, super patient, super everything-fantastic lady from California (Oh, California... ). She's a truly talented events designer, and by reading her profile, you'll see she's the type of person that you don't get to meet everyday. 

Not only she's great, but so is her business. So this is one "must share" with my readers type of woman/business.

Hi I'm Stacey, the owner and lead designer at Stacey Lynn Design (SLD). SLD is a boutique event design and production company based in Southern California, but I love producing events all over the country. When it comes to planning weddings, don't expect a proper J.Lo here, I'm sarcastic, I like playing Bob Marley in the background of meetings and encourage design decisions over Mimosas. 

For design, I like classic style done in new ways, and try to stray from what is trendy. As you can see from my newly designed website, I like minimalist textures and I believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Ok.. that was Leonardo DaVinci, but I agree with him. I believe in inventing vs. replicating. I live in the most subtle of details to create events everyone will remember.


Vintage decor, coffee mugs, cloudy days, Italian wine, sprinkles on everything, artisan tea, organic peanut butter, Metallic gold glitter, traveling the world and anything unexpected.

When it comes to what I am passionate about - it is giving back. I have a series on my blog titled "pretty with purpose". The section is dedicated to featuring charitable companies and encourages people to think of how they can give backwhile planning their event. Usually, the posts are wedding and event related - like donating money instead of having a favor, or wearing TOMs shoes to dance in, or giving FEED bags to all of your bridesmaids, but sometimes it is just a profile on a good charitable company I've come across. It is my little contribution of "good" into the webspace. 

Speaking of webspace - I make up words... and I tend to ramble...

I'm out. (drop the mic)


  1. I love that Stacy is passionate about charity. It's such an important part of my life and it's awesome to read about other bloggers who care.

    1. She's a pretty awesome lady, like yourself. I also love charity work.

  2. She is so talented and she looks like such a nice lady, thank you for the introduction!


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