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I miss talking about design, art and style on this blog...

A while ago, I found Le Minimalism Tumblr through Coco and Mingo. Of course, I love it: simple, modern, clean design, beautiful photos.

Did you notice the small + sign on the bottom left? It opens the menu. Can't get more minimalist than that. An unobtrusive and functional menu.  

Let me share other Tumblr blogs I love. Also with minimalist design and beautiful photos.

Java Aficionado. You might know Celestine's old blog (with the same name, previously) now called Fernaly. (2019 Update: Fernaly is no more. Celestine moved to California and was a barista, now she is back to graphic design -I wonder is she's back to Philly too... )

The Veda House. If you don't know VH, it's a fantastic blog. I suggest you add it to your 2014 "blogs to read"  list. Their tumblr is equally fascinating, with tons of inspiring images.

Sunday Suppers. They run a lovely, big and full of light studio in Brooklyn. Sunday Suppers also runs a shop with natural linen, sea salt and other natural things. Their Tumblr is filled with mouth-watering photos and great ideas for your next gathering. 

Hope these lovely web designs and beautiful photos will serve as inspiration and give you some ideas. Nothing better than get a fresh look for the new year! I know I'm a design addict, so I might just do that...


  1. It's so much easier to have a minimalist Tumblr, especially when the main focus is images. Perhaps some day, I'll start a photography project so I can minimize my content to create something as beautiful as these. Thanks for sharing dear!

    1. Agreed. I'm currently all over the place with my photography. But when it's collected and organized like these, Tumblr can be a beautiful thing to stare at! =)

  2. Wow! Love all of these accounts!! Thanks for sharing, Kelly!

  3. Oh I love this! It's crazy because I actually designed the Tumblr theme that Sunday Suppers is using (They're using the Classic theme by I'm all about a minimalist Tumblr layout!

  4. Gotta love some good simplistic design! These are some fantastic choices, Kelly. :) Loving them!! And actually follow most of them already! xoxo


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