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I don't write many posts about me. Well, the series Quick Thoughts was created to speak my mind, but not necessarily about me. The last post about me, in a personal level, was back in October. This week, reading Latrina's beautiful post about her mom, made me think of my own mom.

Thankfully, my mom is still alive, healthy and even working. But I haven't seen her in 8-9 years. That's a long, long time. And I'm an only child, so I know this is very hard on her too. But what made me remember her was not the distance, but the fact that she has HIV since I was a 12 years old or so. Well, I'm 31 now. Talk about a strong woman, uh!?

She contracted it from her boyfriend at the time. He's been dead for years. Although they were in a relationship for many years, he was in a relationship with the whole city too, it seems. And he spread his virus to many women, including the mom of his child -and yes, his child was born with the virus. 

Well, this is all water under the bridge now. I'm not sad about it anymore. I guess I was never really sad, just very shocked. Who wouldn't be, right? I found it out when a friend asked me how I felt about my mom having Aids. Yep, I was like "What!? But she doesn't!" I later came to understand that my mom wanted to save me from worrying about it. She had decided she would live to see me graduate from college, get married and so forth. Turns out, her granddaughter is about to turn 6 and she's still kickin' it! Well, way to go, mom! Even better is the fact that my daughter was born on my mom's birthday. What a present! 


  1. This was cool, totally made me smile. Sorry that your mom has HIV but so happy to hear that she is still kicking ass and that she shares a birthday with your daughter.

    1. It's very exciting to have them sharing such special date! :) Don't be sorry, by the way. I'm not. It happens to more people than we'd like... Hopefully one day they'll find a cure (and for cancer).


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