Hello, Life Post-Thanksgiving!


It was a lovely, lazy and fantastic long weekend for me. I didn't blog. I didn't tweet. I was completely MIA. We had a simple and relaxing Thanksgiving dinner at home, while watching movies. I had time to relax my mind and body. The one thing that was annoying was the migraine that hit me on Thursday and only started getting better on Sunday night. But even that wasn't a problem. This was a time to relax and renew moods and energies for me.

I started my week with an email from the wonderful Cassie from The Veda House, letting me know I won the Maple + Mauve giveaway. What? Seriously? The first giveaway I ever won! By the way, did you enter our iPad giveaway yet?

How was your Thanksgiving? Lots of fun and food or lots of relaxing and food? I'm yet to try a pumpkin pie... 


  1. Congratulations on winning the giveaway! I don't think I've ever won anything lol but it's ok. I also took a break from the world during the holiday and it felt great. I had a lot of time to reflect, spend time on me, and stop overworking.

    1. Thank you, Angel! :) I never won anything before either. lol
      YES! Relaxing and unplugging from the virtual world felt really good.

  2. Likewise for my husband and me, the weekend felt long, restful and lovely! We didn't travel to visit his family this year and staying home felt quiet and lazy but wonderful. It's the little things. I didn't fuss over shopping either so I'm sure I missed some great deals. haha

    1. In 10 years, was the first year I spent at home, I guess. Oh, it felt so darn good I might do the same next year. =D


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