Thank You + Sale!


I don't usually celebrate or have a big feast on Thanksgiving. I have a great life, for which I'm thankful for every day. I try to remember that daily. 

Pink + Lola has been flowing beautifully, my family has been well and healthy. That's all I need and more than most have. So, as I mentioned on Oh So Pretty blog these days, I try to save Thanksgiving as a date to wish all those out there, who are not as fortunate as me, a happy and plentiful day, with something special to be thankful for.

I'm having a special Thanksgiving sale on the shop. Hope this makes your holiday even more special. Use code LOLA30 to get 30%OFF your template purchase. 

Have a very happy Thanksgiving! And thank you for reading this blog. Really!


  1. awww, that's nice! i'm happy for you :) i agree, (i try to and other people should) just always try to be thankful for something in their life daily, instead of having a designated day for it. maybe that is how it is meant to be, but on this day we just celebrate our thanks, instead of just the daily recognition? regardless... off to check out your shop!

    1. Really good way to put, Amber. A day to celebrate our thanks... Loved it.


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